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Learn how to integrate superfoods in your daily meals.

Being disabled is a change in life, not just  for you, but for those who you love too.   Take it easy on yourself and those who you love too. 

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Exercise and learning how to live healthy and safely is important.  Email us about tips.


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  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Family Well Being
  •  Relationships
  • Sex
  • Can I work ?  Should I ?
  • Education
  • Accessability at Home
  • Independance
  • Things Happen 
  • Travel
  • Navigating through Change


is more important

than your HEALTH!


There are two things (out of many) that are important to life.  For a person using a wheelchair, the ability to have a wheelchair that allows them to enjoy life.  For any person who can walk.  Shoes.  

Our mission is not only to encourage individuals to be more active in their lives, but to assist in that process.  Donations, of used or new wheelchairs or shoes, and well as monetary donations are needed and gratefully accepted. Your support transforms lives. 

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Depression is very serious.  When life changing events happen, depression comes with the territory.  Want help?


improving life, 

knowledge and understandinG

when becoming physically challenged.



Smart foods

Learn about the restorative power of sleep.  How sunlight heals wounds.

Partnership is a two-way street. Marriage is important. Life is to be shared with love ones and someone you love, who loves you.

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